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Hong Kong Cruise Itinerary

SuperStar Virgo Itinerary

Season: 01st October 2014 till 31st December 2015

Port of Embarkation: Hong Kong





1 Night Cruises

Day of Departure
1 Night Hong Kong - High Seas - Hong Kong Everyday


Special Sailing

Day of Departure

4 Nights

Hong Kong - High Seas - Keelung - Taichung - Hong Kong 30th September 2014
3 Nights Hong Kong - Halong Bay - Sanya - Hong Kong 11th October 2014
2 Nights Hong Kong - High Seas - Hong Kong 5th December 2014
For Any query related to special sailing, please write to us at


All itineraries are subject to changes without notice.
(Star Cruises reserves the right to cancel or substitute any scheduled port of call at any time and for any reasons what so ever without notice)

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